Wordless Wednesday

Inspired by Megan of write meg!, Wordless Wednesday is a weekly feature that I use to explore my adopted hometown of Chicago, IL, both because I love this city, and because where I read informs how I think about what I read.  All photos were taken by me.

Chicago Skyline from Lakefront Path


5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lovely shot of Chicago — the composition is awesome! It almost looks like a fish-eye shot, which I love. And thanks for the mention above — I love Wordless Wednesday! Many folks participate here if you’d like to link up as well!

    • Thank you! August was so nice here, and with truly cold winter (finally, I guess) beginning, I felt like a reminder of summer was in order. 🙂

      And thanks for pointing me to the Wordless Wednesday site! I should have figured it was a bigger meme, but yours is the only blog I’ve ever seen it on.

  2. It really is a wordless moment in time!
    I really like the sky!

    • Once upon a time, I was worried that living in the flat midwest would be too much of a shock after growing up in hilly California. Turns out, I love it, particularly because of how big the sky so frequently looks. Even now, in the winter, it’s simply beautiful.

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